For your skin, naturally

Locally-sourced skincare products from the terroir of Highgate Springs, Vermont?

When you hear the word terroir, you might think two things:  Wine and France.  But probably not Skincare and Vermont.  When you think about it though, the ingredients for a high quality natural skincare line can be affected by the local soil, topography and climate the same way a particular piece of land imparts characteristic flavors on a vineyard's bottle

This idea of terroir actually follows family tradition for us.  Back in the 1800's, health-seekers from all over the country flocked to the restorative Springs sulfur waters.  And 140 years ago this past June our great-grandparents met here as children and in the following years returned each summer to tent with their own family.  Tents turned into cottages; cottages evolved into the Tyler Place Family Resort; and now families from all over the world come to reconnect with nature, the outdoors and each other.

Another person who found herself drawn to this unique spot is Claudia, our German Krauterfraulein.  Haven't heard of one of those?  Neither had we.  But we do know that Claudia--part herbalist, part gardener, part craftsperson--has a special connection to this land.   She has taken herbs, shiitakes, maple syrup, flowers and oils from our gardens and woodlands and created a personal line of creams and lotions that rejuvenate and refresh your skin.  

These are the first in a line of healthy lifestyle products that incorporate natural ingredients grown or sourced right here in Highgate Springs.  People often speak of "health and wellness" as a new way of living.  Call it what you will,  but it seems to us that's pretty much the way we've always done things up here in Highgate.  Local.  Natural.  Healthy.  

These creations are a way for us to put a little bit of our special place out in the world for others to enjoy.  We hope you'll find this healthy dose of old-fashioned wellness just right for your modern life.  
The Tyler Family